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    "For all that we had accomplished, we were a start-up. There would be no easy jobs. What I did not know was that all the grunt work, the hours I had spent in my career building my own financial models (..), learning the craft of finance from my colleagues, was about to prove invaluable"
    Schwarzman, CEO and co-founder of Blackstone

  • Independence

    Created in 2021, Bavella's mission is to bring to its partners the concepts and tool suits built over 20 years of equity investment. Bavella is the conversion of a business need to a business solution, a suite imagined by investment professionals delivered to investment professionals.

    A passion to deliver, Excellence delivered

    Prior to Bavella Technologies, our founders have worked for the best Hedge Funds and High Frequency Proprietary Firms, investing both discretionary and systematic mandates. Their strategies encompassed fundamental and statistical arbitrage with hedging requirement from single stock to baskets & Portofolio and Bavella solutions.


    Bavella is a partner of trust. Integrity is our first recruitment criteria and the cornerstone of our H-A-A-S solution. We deliver you results and our fair judment about their quality. We aim to achieve better every day so you achieve better everyday.