• Enjoy the unparalleled solution for unintended risk exposure prevention. H-A-A-S delivers our proprietary expertise in hedging and Portfolio construction that empower your investment intelligence.

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    From risk exposure awareness to hedging capabilities

    Fully customizable hedging universe parameters to meet your investment mandate.

    Suitable for a wide range of applications, from single stock to portfolio hedging, index replication or risk exposure awareness.


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    Unparallel risk control

    Combination of risk, factor and optimization models so you can visualize, hedge and assess your risk exposure.

    Quantify hedging quality and residual risks.

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    Implement seamlessly

    Based on cloud technology, H-A-A-S design is driven by efficiency. It produces OMS friendly drag&drop outputs so your trading does not lag your hedging decision.

    All features are available from API so H-A-A-S can be integrated seamlessly to your existing infrastructure.